Miguel: ‘Told You So’

Miguel’s gearing up to release his fourth album ‘War and Leisure’, and he’s dropped a total winner of a single in the build up to it’s release.

His latest song ‘Told You So’ is a vibrant, eclectic pop banger. With flanged 80’s guitar and a bombastic beat, it’s an upbeat tune from the genre-bending R&B singer.

The result feels like a fun party track, while he sings emphatically, “As long as you know, baby. Every pleasure you taste has its price, babe.”

Miguel dances in the desert in the song’s video, as war missiles fire off in the distance. He’s obviously making a commentary on recent world events, and has told press that the new album will have “political undertones, because that’s what life feels like right now”.

He also posted a cryptic message on his Facebook, saying, “We give too many people the power to lower our vibrations. Stand true to your own frequency.”

Watch the video for ‘Told You So’ below: