Methyl Ethyl: ‘Ubu’

Perth psych-rockers Methyl Ethyl have just put out a super catchy song, titled ‘Ubu’.

Proving Tame Impala aren’t the only winners from Western Australia, Methyl Ethyl have been gaining a massive following after signing to cult indie label 4AD. They’ve just put out their sophomore album ‘Everything Is Forgotten’ and it’s a big step up from their slightly more derivative debut.

‘Ubu’ is a summery, upbeat tune about losing track of friends; with the great line, “Why’d you have to go and cut your hair? Why’d you cut your hair?” on repeat. It’s a perfect mix of the absurd with the poignant.

They are also giving us strong Split Enz vibes in the song’s surreal video, with face paint, messy hair and a whole lot of weird face swapping going on. It’s kinda refreshing.

Watch the spooky video for ‘Ubu’ here: