Merk Talks Bedroom Producing

Auckland-based artist Merk recently sat down with The Spinoff to open up about producing in his bedroom, and the many exciting places that his debut album has ended up taking him.

Merk recently won the ‘Best Debut Album’ award at Independent Music NZ’s inaugural awards, and nonchalantly explained, “I didn’t even know about that. The Flying Nun guys nominated me and then I just got tagged in a tweet about it. I didn’t even know if I was invited until the night before so it was just by chance that I was there. So it was a huge honor but a big surprise.”

In the interview, Perkins explained the arduous process for self-producing his debut album ‘Swordfish’ and that he, “made like five versions of every song” over six months on his laptop.

He explained, “It took a lot of work. It wasn’t easy by any means, it was a lot of hard work. It was very rewarding but it wasn’t the most fun. I’ve got friends who make music in the same way so we are aware of each other but it’s not a together thing. It is quite isolating, you’re battling your anxieties every day. The mental hurdle is the hardest bit.”

He added, “You have to trust your gut and you’re always questioning yourself. It’s always good to show people though. It’s like hearing it again for the first time, hearing it through their ears. That’s definitely helpful.”

Merk recently stepped down from performing in Fazerdaze’s live band, after touring throughout Europe with her, saying that both acts have been getting too busy for him to do both, which was a good (but sad) problem to have.

Read the full article here, and if you haven’t already, watch the colorful animated video for his tune ‘I’m Easy’ below: