Melevisi: ‘Under The Bridge’

18-year-old singer Melevisi Mafile'o has written a moving song, outlining the success stories from her South Auckland life.

Melevisi was asked to write a song for NZ Herald’s documentary ‘Under The Bridge’, which covered life at her school Papakura High.

She wrote the accompanying song ‘Under The Bridge’ to show the positive aspects of her community that she says are often overlooked by the media.

She explains, “I wanted everyone to know how well I'm doing. People always make assumptions - that because my mum is a solo mum, with eight kids, they think the worst. It's the same about my school - people would ask 'how do you survive?' but I love that school. I loved going there."

It’s a moving, simple song from a talented young voice. Have a listen here:

And watch the Herald’s full ‘Under The Bridge’ doco here.