Meet Fizzy Milk

Brother-sister duo Broods are taking some time out to release music from their respective solo projects, and Caleb Nott’s brand new project Fizzy Milk is giving us some major late-90’s UK nostalgia.

Nott’s released two tracks under the Fizzy Milk name, and they’re full on brit-pop; giving a subtle nod to dance acts Moloko, Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx.

The first track ‘Make Me Feel’ features Australian singer Jarryd James, and it’s a laidback ode to love with some funked-up bass and off-kilter harmonies.

And second track ‘Old Dog’ is a breezy, silly, party tune; featuring Swedish singer Elliphant and Peaches Magenta (who may or may not be Georgia Nott, just saying).

Listen to the songs below, you won’t regret it: