Marlon Williams: ‘What’s Chasing You’

Lyttleton songwriter Marlon Williams has just released his latest single, giving us another taste of his upcoming album.

‘What’s Chasing You’ is a retro-inspired jam, and it’s been released with a cheeky music video, featuring Williams parading along a Christchurch beach. The singer unleashes some questionable dance moves, knocks someone out, and manages to destroy a sandcastle in the cavalier clip; which was directed by Martin Sagadin.

The crooner explained his inspiration for the song, saying, "It’s an earnest question. It’s the only thing I’ve ever really wanted to know of another human being. Like all good questions, it’s childishly simple. We all want to live inside the fears of the ones we love, if not to dispel them then at the very least to understand, empathise and let’s be honest, compare hands. I’m not convinced truly understanding another’s woes would really bring anyone happiness, but I am a nosey boy. What’s chasing you?”

Williams is currently gearing up to release his second album ‘Make Way For Love’ on February 16, and he’ll be touring extensively over the next few months to support it.

The troubadour will spend February playing shows in the UK, before covering the US and much of Europe in March and April. He then tours Australasia in May (click here to see tour dates).

Watch the video for ‘What’s Chasing You’ below: