Marlon Williams & Aldous Harding: ‘Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore’

Two of New Zealand’s brightest talents have reunited for a song that’s bound to give you goosebumps.

Aldous Harding features on Marlon Williams’ latest tune ‘Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore’, which will be on his upcoming album. The unexpected collab is a mournful folk song about letting go and accepting things after a loss.

Harding and Williams were in a relationship and frequently performed together, but this is the first song they’ve officially both been co-credited on.

Williams explains, "Aldous and I recorded 'Nobody Gets...' remotely. I [was] in LA and she in Cardiff a month or so later. I had wanted to do it at the same time and place but it wasn't to be. Which, of course, approaches what the song is about. I wrote it as an apology, in the classical sense – a defense for the bond between us, against the storybook feelings of resentment and doubt that come with the termination of any relationship."

Their soft crooning complements each other perfectly, and it’s got a little sprinkle of timeless magic.

Williams’ forthcoming album is due out in February, and will be called ‘Make Way For Love’. Listen to the duo’s haunting tune below: