Lydia Cole: ‘Telepathise’

Silver Scroll finalist Lydia Cole has just dropped her latest song, ‘Telepathise’, and its accompanying video.        

Directed by Berlin-based Kiwi artist Timothy Armstrong, the painstakingly made video for ‘Telepathise’ features stop-motion animated cardboard cutouts, and is hauntingly beautiful. Watch it below. 

Cole explains, “2016 has been a crazy year for people all over the world, and generally accepted as a time we would rather blot from the calendar. ‘Telepathise’ is all about choosing to believe in beauty, in mystery, in connection - despite uncertainty, chaos, and discord.

“This beautiful video was made by Timothy Armstrong, whose visual and musical works I have admired for many years. It is an honour to finally collaborate with this good and talented human.”
Cole recently announced that her second album will be called ‘The Lay Of The Land’, and released on February 17.

She’ll be playing a range of Australasian shows throughout February and March to support the release of her album, and you can visit her Facebook page for ticketing information.