Lucy Mason Releases ‘Going Home Broke’ EP

Australian singer Lucy Mason has just released a brand new EP, which has been premiered over on The Line Of Best Fit.

She explains the EP’s title track, “Living in London and being a writer has involved feeling broke 99% of the time but being ‘broke’ financially isn’t just what I meant when I wrote this. I felt physically broken from illness and stress, and emotionally broken from disappointment. I was kinda over it all and this song went from being that sad story to becoming more of a motivation for me. I started to realise that being ‘broke’ maybe ain’t so bad.”

Mason delivers thoughtful and pensive songs, that definitely have a melancholy bent. Her breathy vocals rest over sparse production, making for some thoughtful and understated pop. In places (particularly in the piano ballad ‘Feels Like Midnight’) it reminds us of Brooke Fraser’s contemplative debut.

The ‘Going Home Broke’ EP also features production from Jess Ellen on two tracks, who’s an upcoming producer from Australia and one to watch.

Our favourite track is ‘Latest Love’, ‘cause it’s got a little more bite than the rest, addressing an old flame. Mason explains, “It’s basically about being on a very long, embarrassing list of women. Nothing overly important but just a bit of fun. Produced by Andy Mak, one of my most favourite people.”

Tune in here.