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We get it - sometimes you need to kick out the jams, sometimes you need a soft warm blanket. Here are five new tracks we've been digging that represent both ends of the musical spectrum.

Daggy Man: 'Suffer Through The Bleed'
Bedroom-producers are a dime a dozen, but it's rare when the sound they produce invites you right into their bedroom. Australian lo-fi heartbreaker Thomas Calder's 'Suffer Through The Bleed' is delivered in hush tones that sound hallowed and intimate. The epitome of a home job, the vocals were recorded on a microphone hung from a doorknob, capturing the close-up ambience of Calder's whispered storytelling. The guitars are melancholy and gently strummed, giving way to a gentle march of pared-back drums. The result is a beautiful nostalgic rainy-day tune. This track's been on our office playlist for a week now, and every time it comes on it transports the whole place.

Furlong: 'Tell Me It's Mutual'
There are eight furlongs in a mile. There are even more hooks in Furlong's pop-punk explosion of joy 'Tell Me It's Mutual'. The Melbourne band channel the party ethic of Weezer with the a grungy Australian drawl reminiscent of local bands like Spiderbait. The track, accompanied by a pep-heavy greenscreened video is the perfect slice of hooky riffs with a singalong chorus. Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo once claimed to have discovered the formula for the perfect pop-rock song - it sounds like Furlong's been peeking at his playbook, and it's a real good thing.

Pure Violet: 'And The White Ones Chart The Path Of My Escape'
The neo-classical side project of Moscow musician Yuri Vinogradov, 'And The White Ones Chart The Path Of My Escape' is less of a song and more of an atmosphere; an aural environment to get lost in. The perfect music to aid focus and meditation, it's a warm, sweeping interlude. Check out his whole album if you really want to tune out. For fans of Sigur Ros, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, etc. 

RVBY MY DEAR: '10:17'
Perth-born, New York-based Gabbi Coenen has been making friends in high places. '10:17' was produced with Andrew Lappin (St. Lucia/Jack + Eliza) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Nick Jonas/Rihanna/The 1975). The track is super-slick; the most refreshing thing about it is how Coenen has side-stepped the temptation to take the track down a purely electro-pop angle, opting instead for the muscle of organic driving drums, real guitars and analog instruments to back her sublime vocal. 

Sophie Koh: 'Tiger Not The Hare'
Classically trained pianist Sophie Koh spent her childhood spanning East and West, raised in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Veering away from her previous pop-focused stuff, Koh has married Chinese poetry and neo-classical elements on 'Tiger Not The Hare'; think Eastern-infused Kate Bush. The result is a beautifully quirky poetic piece of chamber-pop; plucked strings championed by Koh's stunning vocals.