Lorde Explains The Stories Behind Her Melodrama Songs

Because she’s a true blue New Zealander, pop queen Lorde has created an exclusive 11-track podcast series with Kiwi news site The Spinoff.

The series features Lorde chatting to The Spinoff’s journalist Henry Oliver, explaining each of the songs from her new album ‘Melodrama’ in great detail.

Lorde explained on Twitter, “If you want to know more about the process and heart of each song on ‘Melodrama’, check out this little series. I love the ‘Louvre’ one.”

Explaining her track ‘Louvre’ in the series, Yelich-O’Connor told Oliver that she smiles whenever she thinks of the song because it sounds like “power-pop” with its 80s style guitars.
She also explained how Frank Ocean’s groundbreaking album ‘Blonde’ inspired her, saying, “In this post-Blonde landscape we can all do whatever we want, in terms of instrumentation.”

It’s a fascinating insight into one of the brightest minds in pop music, and there’s definitely plenty of inspiration to glean from.

Listen to the podcast over at The Spinoff.