Listener: 'There's Money in the Walls'

It's been a minute, but your favourite Talk Music outfit is putting out some new tunes. The Kansas City band's sound can be hard to pin down, but the new track 'There's Money in the Walls' definitely puts a bit of indie heft behind frontman Dan Smith's feisty spoken word narratives. Easing in with a reflective faux-Western guitar feel, Smith's recites a melancholy poem, before the rest of the band kicks in with a tidal wave of gritty post-rock guitars and rolling toms before disintegrating into a repeated mantra of "We don't go on, the song lives on".

The trio will drop a new album this year, staggered through four 7-inch vinyl releases. Dedicated roadsters, they're currently blazing their way around Europe.

Check out the video for the track below, featuring a homage to bottomless coffee, hangs around the bonfire, and clips of their electric live show.

Also, have a gander at Listener's Field Session, shot live at Parachute 2014: