Listener: 'A Love Letter To Detroit'

Your favourite spoken word outfit from Fayeteville, Arkensas has turned up the volume in their new video for 'A Love Letter To Detroit'. 

Once a vehicle for spoken word artist Dan Smith, Listener has grown to embrace a full band sound. The trio, rounded out by Jon Terrey and Kris Rochelle has been around for a while, but their sound seems to be ever-evolving, giving a platform for increased aggression in Smith's delivery. On 'A Love Letter To Detroit', the band count it out in a Pixies-esque intro, while Smith tears out his impassioned verses, giving way to a beautifully indulgent alt-grunge breakdown. 

The boys seem to be hitting their straps with the volume at 11. They're currently making their way across middle America, while releasing a 4-part 7" series called 'Being Empty : Being Filled'. Check out the project here.