Listen to Totems’ Self-Titled Album

Auckland producer Totems has released his debut album, and it’s a lush record filled with ambient soundscapes.

Totems (real name: Reuben Winter) says he’s been chipping away at the recording for the past couple of years, fitting it in alongside his other musical projects. He performs in pop-punk band milk, and is also part of PHF, Roidz, and Caroles.

Winter recently explained to UTR that health issues have complicated his workflow, saying the album, “took a lot longer than expected ‘cause I’m super picky, unfocused and am often stopped by the fatigue and pain I experience from fibromyalgia. Eventually it got to the point where I was really unsure of what I'd made because a lot of it was kinda different and I'd listened to it so many times, but after running it past a few people I really trust they convinced me that it was worth pursuing. Luckily I managed to get some time at Red Bull Studio in Auckland to mix and master.”

The end result is a chill, dreamy listen. The instrumentals ebb and flow, punctuated with the odd 90’s breakbeat loop, or glitchy drum sample.

Give it a listen below: