LCD Soundsystem: ‘Tonite’

LCD Soundsystem are back, and they’re better than ever.

The New York band are all set to release their reunion album ‘American Dream’ on September 1, and their latest single ‘tonite’ features more of that perfectly biting commentary we’ve come to love them for.

With hilariously confessional lyrics, frontman James Murphy sings resignedly about the state of modern pop culture, saying, “all the hits are saying the same thing”. He then goes on to explore the harsh realities that we are all getting older, and that there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

His lyrics also reminisce about the old times when people had a paper trail of memories, and note how this has now been replaced with digital images that we keep deleting for, “versions of ourselves that we thought were the best ones” and so on, and so on.

The video, directed by Aucklander Joel Kefali, features a simple retro looking set-up of the band performing on a rotating stage as 70’s lighting rigs flare around them. The whole thing looks like it’s been shot on VHS, and Murphy stares directly at the camera for the majority of it, sauntering around as if he’s a motivational speaker. He’s also wearing a boombox like it’s a man satchel, which is kind of amazing.

LCD Soundsystem have once again managed to deliver a subtle attack of pop culture and our modern narcissistic age, making them more relevant than ever. They also seem to relish being perfectly uncool, which is refreshing as always.

You have to see this. Watch the video for ‘tonite’ here: