LANY: 'It Was Love'

LANY have released their latest single ‘It Was Love’, and it’s a bit of a heart-strings-tugger.

With drum fills that Phil Collins would be proud of, soft chords, and a buzzy synth solo (that would work just as well on a saxophone, just saying) ‘It Was Love’ is a sweet tribute to remembering your high school sweetheart.

While it feels like most pop music now tries to avoid sentimentality like it’s the plague; this is a refreshing look at young love and dealing with the heartbreak years later (if these lyrics are true, then it’s a sad scenario).

And don’t worry if you’re missing out on the trio’s Coachella shows; LANY have announced a show at Auckland’s Powerstation on July 26. Click here for tickets.

Listen to ‘It Was Love’ here: