Kody Nielson: ‘Bic’s Birthday’

Kody Nielson has released the first single from his upcoming album ‘Birthday Suite’.

Titled ‘Bic’s Birthday’, it’s a delightfully psychedelic instrumental which feels like a modern-day interpretation of a classical baroque jam. Nielson released the song on his girlfriend Bic Runga’s recent birthday, and he plans to follow it up with more songs celebrating the people in his life.

He explained his concept for the upcoming album to Under The Radar, saying, “The only sort of schedule is the idea that I’m going to put the songs out on birthdays. The album’s called ‘Birthday Suite’ and each track is one of my family’s or friend’s birthdaysThe plan is to put the album out on my birthday, I don’t have a song on the album but the album might come out on my birthday, on May 9th. That’s the big plan.”

He also explained why he decided not to release the music under his Silicon moniker, saying he just wanted to “go back to that instrumental sound and not have to worry about writing songs or aiming at radio or anything. I wanted it to be just the music and have it be completely underground and have people just find it. Two hundred people just find it and like it or whatever.”

Whether he’s releasing music as Silicon, Opossum, or writing for his brother’s project UMO; the former Mint Chick is constantly evolving, and we’re here for it.

Listen to ‘Bic’s Birthday’ below: