Kirin J Callinan Ft. Connan Mockasin: ‘Living Each Day’

Australian artist Kirin J Callinan has just released the latest single from his new album ‘Bravado’, and (along with the accompanying video) it’s an absolute gold mine.

‘Living Each Day’ is a full-on 80s pop song, with one of the buzziest music videos we’ve seen in a while. Featuring cowboy hats, Kirin escaping from hospital (mind the back of that robe, bro), and Connan Mockasin riding on a dolphin in a Playboy shirt; it’s guaranteed to make you lol.

But don’t let the gimmicks fool you; the track itself is crafted perfectly. ‘Living Each Day’ is a huge pop number, that draws on the epic songwriting chops of Tom Petty, George Michael and Dolly Parton. It instantly grabs you with super massive hooks, and the repeated call to make the most of your time and “live each day”.

Callinan walks a very fine line between sincerity and absurdity in his work. Some of his lines (like “He had a sandwich, true, he loved that sandwich”) sound like something Flight Of The Conchords would sing, but you also get the sense that there’s a lot of truth to what he’s singing.

He recently told The Fader, “Everything I do is from the heart. None of it is ironic, but just because something is funny doesn’t mean it’s a joke. I love music more than anything, and this record came from that place of love and excitement. “

He added, “Politically, ‘Bravado’ is more heart, it’s me putting myself out there away from anything that was “cool” about the first record... I’ve replaced that with cheesy EDM, the pseudo-spiritual ballads, and that’s what I love.”

Watch the insane video for ‘Living Each Day’ here: