King Krule: ‘Czech One’

Genre-crossing English artist King Krule has released a new track, and it’s the first release to come from his most popular moniker in four years.

The song, titled ‘Czech One’, is an achingly sad tune about a former love that he can’t let go of. Delivering lyrics like, “One time I was impaled for love and thrown into a pile”, he speak-sings the song in a way that’s very reminiscent of Leonard Cohen.

It’s a pretty experimental track, with jazzy electronic piano and glitchy noises. The production is simple, broken up by a saxophone solo, lush harmonies from backing vocalists, and dissonant clashing samples; capturing the feeling of a rainy day.

Krule’s video for ‘Czech One’ was directed by Frank Lebon, and it’s an absurdist look at flying in aeroplanes and the strange ties that can remain between two people. It also features some pretty clever film trickery.

Watch it below: