Kimbra Releases Video For ‘Everybody Knows’

After releasing the first single from her upcoming album, Kimbra has quickly followed it up with a compelling video.

Directed by her longtime collaborator Guy Franklin, the ‘Everybody Knows’ visual is a simple performance-based clip, which shows the chanteuse wrestling with negative emotions before eventually letting them go.

She starts off singing under a gauzy veil, before it starts to choke her and a full-on struggle ensues.

Kimbra recently told fans in her newsletter, “Guy and I collaborate in a very intertwined and personal way. We both bring our experiences to the table and try to find visual metaphors that express the nuance of an emotion and touch on a nerve for both the audience, and for ourselves.”

Franklin explained how he used ideas he learnt in his high school philosophy class in the video. He’d learnt about philosopher Iris Murdoch back at school, and said, “One of the visual fragments that must have made an impression on me (it's been 11 years now...) was the image of piercing a veil. From memory, Murdoch used a veil to represent how we might selfishly want to view the world... the piercing of it therefore represented an effort to see something more clearly. Though this may result in experiencing a harsher reality, it would be a true one... a virtuous one.”

Watch the video for ‘Everybody Knows’ here: