Kimbra: ‘Everybody Knows’

After teasing new music for months, Kimbra’s released the first single from her upcoming album; and it’s a solid jam.

‘Everybody Knows’ starts off with muted synth tones (that kind of make you think of an aquarium), before bells and marimbas kick in for the first chorus; which she belts out with those trademark pipes.

It’s a song about calling out someone who mistreats you; and realising you’ve moved on from them. Kimbra explained to MusicFeeds, “For the first time as a musician I’m confronting a lot of things in a more direct way. I used to write in a lot of metaphors and idealism and surrealism or escapism – and a lot of my imagery is based around that. But, for the first time, this album seems like it’s more confrontational than before.”

She’s spent the past little while living in New York (after spending a couple of years in LA), and says the transition gave her a new edge, adding, “I think in writing this song, I kind of uncovered some of that energy and wanted it to be the first message to the fans. The song is definitely about awakening to the light, in some way, or to some sense of truth and justice.”

By chorus two, a slick beat comes in with a groove that perfectly fits into what we’ve come to expect from the Prince-inspired muso. Overall, the song feels like a slow-burner compared to singles like ‘90s Music’ and ‘Miracle’ from her last album, but it definitely has the potential to be a grower.

Kimbra’s been working with US producer John Congleton on the album, and she recently announced it will be called ‘Primal Heart’. Due out early next year, she says the album is her “proudest work yet”.

Listen to ‘Everybody Knows’ here: