Kimbra Blogs About Weinstein

Kimbra’s just released her comeback single ‘Everybody Knows’ and it turns out it’s a perfectly timed anthem for the #MeToo movement that’s been dominating the internet over the past couple of weeks.

The Kiwi songstress uploaded a blog entry, which she titled, “A short letter to Harvey Weinstein on behalf of the women who were devalued and manipulated by your actions.”

The blog details Kimbra’s own experiences with sexism in the music industry, and features the lyrics from her latest single: “Everybody knows, about what you do. Everybody saw, and sold the truth. I was young and gullible, but baby I grew. Now the whole world’s watching you.”

The Grammy winner explained there have been many times where she’s been treated unprofessionally by male colleagues, saying, “I have attended business meetings at record labels and exchanged numbers with men of high influence after a productive, positive meeting with the thought that it would benefit my career to maintain my networks only to receive a text after midnight that night while I’m with my boyfriend at the time, asking ‘what r u up 2′.”

“Countless times I have, like many women, wondered where and how to draw a line, is it a fight worth fighting? A flirty text message that means nothing to a man could end up meaning or risking EVERYTHING to a woman.”

After describing a particularly demeaning photoshoot she once went on, she said that she’s learnt to only appear in photoshoots where she can bring her own team so that she doesn’t get pressured to sell her body.

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