Justin Bieber’s Backstage Bible Classes

Word’s got out that pop star Justin Bieber has been holding bible studies classes backstage on his Purpose world tour.

After a few troubled teen years, the singer has reportedly turned his life around, and can frequently be seen hanging out with leadership from Hillsong Church.

A source recently told The Sun newspaper, "Backstage on his Purpose tour, Justin has been sitting down with his opening acts and encouraging them to put Christ before everything.”

This news comes after the fascinating 2015 GQ article (which is definitely worth a read), that explores the inner-workings of Hillsong in the U.S.; where Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz explains the conditions that led the Biebs to move in with the Lentz family for a month. During his time there Bieber converted to Christianity, and got baptised.

Lentz explains, “This boy is 21. He’s in a horribly toxic world. He is trying to do his best to figure this out. He has never been anybody but who he has professed to be, which is a work in progress.”

Click here to read the full GQ article, which looks at the Hillsong movement and asks some of the tough questions.