Julien Dyne ft. Ladi6: ‘Hours’

Prolific producer, artist, and drummer Julien Dyne has released his latest track ‘Hours’, featuring some soulful vocals from Ladi6.

With a solid psychedelic groove (that instantly reminds you of Silicon or UMO), 60’s bell organs, and tasty walking bass-lines; ‘Hours’ is a joyful, sauntering track that sings optimistically about finding love for a lifetime. You can totally imagine hearing this as the soundtrack behind ‘I Dream Of Genie’ back in the day.

Ladi6’s vocals are on point, crooning, “I could watch, watch, watch you for hours.”
Dyne has played in Ladi’s band for years, as well as making music with Opensouls and Fat Freddy’s Drop. He is gearing up to release a new album, which will be called ‘TEAL’.

Watch the colourful and animated video for ‘Hours’, which was created by Frances Haszard, below: