Joseph Cover ‘California Dreamin’’

Portland based trio Joseph have been winning hearts since they released their brilliant folk-pop album ‘I’m Alone, No You’re Not’ in 2016.

The band’s made up of three sisters who grew up together in a tiny rural county in Oregon, and their trademark is delivering lush harmonies and catchy folk hooks.

They recently covered The Mamas & Papas’ classic ‘California Dreamin’’, and it’s a spacious acoustic track that puts their vocals front, row and centre.

They’ve also recently performed on Rob Bell’s podcast, and have been playing at a few of his speaking events.

Joseph formed when oldest sister Natalie realised she was tired of performing as a solo artist, and decided to recruit her younger sisters (who are twins). She explained in an interview, “Once they joined, it was like something clicked that hadn’t been there before. I think there’s a very physical element of genetics. It’s kind of like cheating because the voices just have a similar make-up. It locks in a way that I’ve never experienced with any other singer. Also, there’s this element of shared experience. There’s something that’s a connection there that’s unique to a family.”

Listen to the band’s ‘California Dreamin’’ cover below: