Joseph and Maia Making Moves

Last year, folk duo and realtime couple Joseph and Maia got married, recorded the cracker album 'Sorrento' and packed their lives into a suitcase to travel Europe. Now the travelling troubadours are ready to make a new batch of songs and they need your help. We caught up with them from Europe.

Check out their PledgeMe campaign here, and find out more about the new record here.

here have you been?
In June 2015 we left NZ to 'tour' Europe. We spent a good amount of time in the UK when we first arrived, then headed in to central Europe. We've played around 300 shows in about 13 different countries in the last 18 months. We've done a lot of busking on the streets - this time last year we had just finished 6 months of constant shows and found ourselves in Brighton (UK), for the coldest winter we've ever felt! During that freezing cold winter, we paid rent by busking on the streets - it was a very... cold experience filled with moments that we can finally laugh about, looking back! Throughout this time we've been writing towards making our new record - picking up songs and stories from our slightly insane lifestyle.

Last year we had so many moments that made us feel like we were crazy and that we'd made the worst decision ever coming over to Europe to 'tour' with no solid plans in place. Now though, we are starting to see familiar faces at shows, and we're getting invited to play some really exciting lineups and festivals. It's incredible for us to see our hard work, struggle and perseverance pay off.

What does a typical day in the life of a wandering troubadour look like?
Coffee. It always starts with coffee.
Then, if the weather is fine, we'll usually get out on the street to play some music. There's always a high chance that we'll get stopped by the police within the first few songs, so we've got our setup and pack-up, down to a fine art now. 

After the police have ruined our day, we'll usually jump on a bus or a train to our next destination, turn up to a strangers home, and be welcomed in as if we were family (the people we encounter are so kind!!) 

We always find an hour or two in our days to keep up to date with planning (booking shows, travel, sorting promo/posters etc.) We're always working a few months ahead to make sure we don't hit a dead end!!

Most days on the road end with a show of some sort - in a living room, a hallway, Cafe, Restaurant, Venue, Castle, Teepee, Log Cabin (all true stories)...they're so creative over here in Europe - We love the surprise!

Tell us about your plans for the new album.
We are currently locking down dates for early January. We plan to record in a small town in the UK. We're going to lock ourselves away and focus on making this record the best it can be. The songs we currently have are heading in an exciting direction and we both can't wait to explore where they go.

What are you writing about?
Our lifestyle definitely has a role to play in what we're writing about - people, family, the things we miss about being in one place...

There are some interesting themes spun throughout the record, touching on really personal moments. We hope people will connect with these new songs like we do!

How can we help?
If you want to get behind making this record, you can help us by heading over to our PledgeMe and preorder our new record. You can also pre-order Vinyl, get us to send you a postcard, cut Jo's hair, or support in any other way you choose. Any contribution that you make will be hugely appreciated. We have some exciting things lined up for next year and cannot wait to get new music out into the world!!