Joseph and Maia: 'Fear'

Ever since they packed their lives into suitcases to become travelling nomads, married troubadours Joseph and Maia have been making tunes that play out as the soundtrack to the wanderlust of the soul. 

With the endearing heart-on-your-sleeve ethic of artists like The Swell Season and Ryan Adams, the couple are winning fans across Europe. The duo returned home last year to work on 'Fear', their follow-up to 2015's 'Sorrento', enlisting Avalanche City's Dave Baxter to produce the record.
'Fear' plays out as one of Joseph and Maia's most revealing records; at times stark, half-whispered and intimate, other times carrying the swagger of The War on Drugs in tracks like 'Pouring Light'. 

'Fear' sounds world-wisened; songs from a couple of pilgrims travelling a road that's as wearying as it is exhilarating. 

Listen to 'Fear' on Spotify, and check out the 'making of' doco below.