Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei was born to New Zealand parents, raised in Brisbane, and he now resides in London where he’s been picked up by influential indie record label Ninja Tunes.

The prolific music maker has just put out his second album ‘Wallflower’, and he’s steadily building a fanbase which includes artists like Disclosure, who asked him to collaborate on a track for their latest album. The resulting song ‘Masterpiece’ closes their album ‘Caracal’, and it’s a soulful track that shows off his polished vocals.

Before moving to London, Rakei had collaborated with a range of other musos including Louis Baker and Ta-Ku, honing his production chops and defining his sound.

More recently, he’s opened for British acts NAO and Jamie Woon, played at Pitchfork’s Avant-Garde Block Party, and he’s been getting some love from BBC Radio 1.

His music is laidback, and blends together jazz and R&B influences. He produces it all himself; playing guitar and singing like a seasoned crooner on his recent single ‘Nerve’.

Rakei recently told The Spinoff that ‘Wallflower’ is all about his social anxiety, saying, “I have a friend who thinks that being an introvert just means you don’t need stimulation from other people. That’s me, and I feel like a lot of my friends would connect with that… We’re lonesome people, that’s how we develop our craft. We are by ourselves a lot, and we don’t really need external input. We make our music in our own space. That is what my whole album is about, being a loner.”

Listen to Wallflower here: