Jonathan Bree: ‘You’re So Cool’

Auckland artist Jonathan Bree has just released his latest tune, ‘You’re So Cool’, with a fittingly strange video.

Featuring a 60-inspired set up, with a zombie-looking band performing in full spandex suits, the video is oddly hypnotic.

Director of Photography Benjamin Zambo explains, “Jonathan pitched ‘You’re So Cool’ to me as a performance-based music video in the style of a mod era TV broadcast. We were both big fans of the 1960s and loved the kinds of productions that Lesley Gore and The Beach Boys did on live television, where the musicians would be forced to mime along with prerecorded tracks and work around ridiculous set pieces. They were slapdash efforts where the cameras might bump around or cut a second too early, and you could see their instruments clearly weren’t plugged in.”

‘You’re So Cool’ covers the theme of loving someone who’s struggling with the demise of their career, with hilariously biting lyrics that include, “Body so fit, so full of spark. With affirmations as your wall art. You were driven, eyes on the prize. A yoga routine, home exercise.”

The song starts off with sparsely arranged strings and a drum kit, before adding flourishing synths in the first chorus as Bree quietly sings over it all.

Bree (who is also the co-founder of ‘Lil Chief Records) recently delivered an incredible set at The Other’s Way festival, with his band in the full spandex-regalia from the video. Watch a snippet here.  

And watch the video for ‘You’re So Cool’ here: