Jonathan Bree: ‘Say You Love Me Too’

‘Lil Chief Records founder (and former member of The Brunettes) Jonathan Bree has just released his latest single, and he’s back at it again with the mannequin shenanigans.

‘Say You Love Me Too’ is another 60’s inspired jam, and this time he’s thrown a little Serge Gainsbourg style in the mix. The song features Catalan singer Clara Viñals (from Renaldo & Clara), who whispers the song’s chorus hook in a way that instantly takes you back the Parisian hit ‘Je t'aime… moi non plus’.

It’s another classic song from Bree, with a tasty bassline and well-crafted instrumentation. Once again, he performs in the song’s video with his band of spandex clad musicians, and it’s still just as oddly intriguing.

‘Say You Love Me Too’ is now available on 7” vinyl along with Bree’s other recent single ‘You’re So Cool’. The songs are the first two previews of his upcoming album ‘Sleepwalking’, which is due for release in March 2018.

Watch the video below: