Joji: ‘Rain On Me’

George ‘Joji’ Miller is an unlikely artist. He shot to notoriety for creating an absurd web series called Filthy Frank TV (which has almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube), and he also put out a comedy album called ‘Pink Season’ which somehow topped iTunes charts.

But now, after building a brand for his memes and random sense of humour, the Japanese-Australian has started releasing serious music, and it’s actually really good.

Pigeons & Planes have named Joji one of their Best Artists of 2017 so far, and his latest track ‘Rain On Me’ stands out for it’s laidback elegance and lush sound.

He delicately sings soulful harmonies in the track, and delivers heartfelt lyrics over the sound of raindrops, asking someone to handle him with care.

Joji doesn’t seem to be too caught up in trying to define what he does, explaining recently to Pigeons & Planes, “All it comes down to is I just enjoy making music… No matter what the content is, if you can vibe to it, you vibe to it, you know? I just want to keep going in this direction. I'll keep dropping music, whether it's serious or garbage. It really doesn't matter as long as people can vibe to it. I just want to have a good time and I want everyone else to have a good time.”

Listen to ‘Rain On Me’ here: