John Mayer’s Ego Addiction

John Mayer’s been through it all - from being a shy 20-year-old music nerd who broke into the big time, to suddenly realising the many complications that come with worldwide fame.

We stumbled on his interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow recently, and it’s a good watch. Mayer gives an honest look at the reality of being a performer in our clickbait world, and the ways in which he’s had to learn to kill his constant desire for status and approval.

He explains, “I’m a recovered ego addict, and the only way that I can be sure that I don’t relapse is to admit that I constantly have this ego addiction every day. So I do the Grammy’s, and then I go home again, cause if I stay I’ll get high again. I’ll get high, and then I’ll get low. You look through Twitter, and everyone goes, ‘that was great’. And then you get low again, because you can’t stop looking, or you read the one negative thing.”

He also explains how he gave some pretty legit advice to Iggy Azalea in a letter.

Check out the short interview below.