Jars of Clay Frontman Rants, is on Point

God bless you Twitter, for finding a way to bring us together in a dazzling array of streams of consciousness, from trigger-happy narcissistic world leaders to modern-day philosophers.

For Dan Haseltine, the lead singer of your favourite teenage CCM alt-rockers Jars of Clay, Twitter has been a two-edged sword. In 2014, Haseltine created a firestorm among conservative fans after questioning the church's stance on same-sex marriage, but valiantly stuck in there, continuing to share his views under his Twitter moniker @scribblepotemus.

Haseltine recently went on another Twitter bender, addressing the difficult tightrope that Christian artists walk when it comes to addressing touchpoints like feminism, homosexuality and politics - issues that are often controversial amongst the conservative Christian crowd.

"A huge obstacle for Christian (Evangelical) artists to overcome is an idea that they are able to challenge culture w/o offending anyone" Haseltine begins. He goes on to suggest that the platform that a Christian artist enjoys may come with an induced "muzzle" for artists who want to question hot-button topics from the stage.

"Stop the moral policing, stop the judging, stop the drive to control, stop the enslavement" he pleads in a tweet, before admitting that even he was guilty of censoring himself through fear of offending his audience. 

"I think that the greatest obstacles from loving others well are the false man made distinctions of what is sacred and what is secular" he finishes. 

The rant has triggered some interesting discussion, and we think his questions are totally on point. Where do you land?

Full tweets included below. (Read from the bottom up)

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