Janine: ‘Don’t Love Me’

Kiwi songstress/producer Janine has been making huge waves, after moving to the Big Apple and signing with Atlantic Records.

Her latest single ‘Don’t Love Me’ is her slickest work to date. With melody hooks that sound like a Sam Smith song, breathy vocal runs, and R&B chords softly played on acoustic guitar, it sits just right.

And when she starts belting out her vocals near the end of the song, you’ll probably get goosebumps.

Janine explained to her fans in a Facebook Live chat that the song was written about, “Leaving a volatile relationship. It’s really hard to leave a relationship when you care about it, but you know it’s bad for you.”

It seems all her hard work is more than paying off, and we hope she gets back to NZ shores soon to play some shows.

Listen below: