Jack White: ‘Connected By Love’

Jack White has just announced that he’s releasing a new album, and he’s shared two new songs from the upcoming release.

He recently told Beats1 presenter Zane Lowe that his new album will be called ‘Boarding House Reach’, and premiered his new singles ‘Connected By Love’ and ‘Respect Commander’ on the show.

While the album doesn’t have a release date yet, White’s already dropped the video for ‘Connected By Love’; and it’s an apocalyptic look at what it means to be human.

The video shows a looming celestial object moving closer to earth, flicking between different vignettes of everyday people.

In his trademark vocal style, White rasps lyrics about pain and wanting to be relieved from his loneliness. ‘Connected By Love’ then builds into a blues anthem, with hammond organ, blues guitars and a gospel choir belting out in the choruses. It’s good to have him back.

Watch the video for ‘Connected By Love’ below: