Indi: 'Tablelands'

indi has released her second track of 2017, and it’s a haunting piano ballad that sounds like icy heartbreak.

Titled ‘Tablelands’, the song starts with indi (whose real name is Indira Force, former Doprah singer) singing acapella, up close and centre. Lilting piano comes in, with swirling harmonies and echoing samples. It’s spacious, beautiful and otherworldly.

indi has also announced that she will release an album titled ‘Precipice’ in August, and she has already shared the tracklisting over on her Facebook page.

She recently told HAPPY, “I didn’t intend for this album to be particularly ambitious but you can’t help what you write really and all of the songs needed orchestral instruments. It was a big task of basically sitting down and recording in a ton of MIDI and then calling in favours from a few of my musically inclined friends to help with notations, mixing, string playing, etc. I had no budget to work with so it has been a process of compromising and being creative with what is at hand. It’s not the album I thought I would write – it’s cinematic and strange, and the vocals are dissimilar to how they were in Doprah.”

You definitely don’t want to sleep on this one. It’s an absolute gem: