Honey.: ‘Can’t Be On The Record’

We reckon we’ve found your favourite new band. Wellington four-piece Honey. have dropped a superb debut single, dripping with funk and laid-back vibes.

‘Can’t Be On The Record’ covers a relationship which has gone sour, and the band say it’s, “a song about one of those relationships that you would rather just forget. It tells the story of a guy and girl, post-break up – a messy one. The guy feels cripplingly ashamed of what he’s done, but rather than verbalise that and apologise, he desperately tries to salvage the relationship in order to contain the truth. The girl has had enough, and isn’t falling back into what can only continue to be a damaging and hurtful relationship. He wants to bury the truth, she wants to bury the hurt. The one thing they can agree on is that they both want to forget – this can’t be on the record.’”

Accompanied by a lo-fi video that was shot around Wellington Harbour (and filmed on an actual VHS camera by Director Sevrin Noakes), the tune instantly wins you over.

It’s definitely in the vein of Auckland chill-funk group Leisure, and we reckon it has the chops to make a splash in international waters. The sample of a French-speaking woman, and the smarmy yacht visuals definitely help.

Listen below: