Holly Untitled: 'Leaving Home'

Holly Untitled has just dropped her new single 'Leaving Home', and it's a dark, clubby anthem. 

The track, produced by Artist Development alumni Aaron Lee from Airports sees Holly exploring a more gritty sound, flirting with dubstep pulses and falsetto hooks, while exploring themes of life in the big city.

“Leaving Home is the anthem for the small-town kid," explains Holly, who was raised in Paeroa, "It is about stepping out of what is comfortable. It isn't necessarily the physical act of leaving home because I did that a long time ago, it’s more about discovering that there is a big world out there, begging to be discovered.”

“When you grow up in a small town, I think you always feel like there is something more, somewhere out there – a bigger, expansive world beyond the horizons of your childhood home. Leaving home is more than just a geographic shift; it’s a coming of age, a loss of innocence – your humble roots will always be with you, but the world is too big to stay in your own backyard.”

Check out the track below, and keep up with Holly on Facebook.