Holly Untitled: 'I Do It To Myself'

Holly Untitled has released their second single 'I Do It To Myself'.

The duo creates sparse electronic atmospheres punctuated with enchanting melodies; songs that create a time and place, inhabited by vocalist Holly Lavery’s haunting vocal. Seeing their sound swerving towards dark pop, 'I Do It To Myself' channels a message of resolve within an inner war.

“It’s a story about self-destruction, about the war we have with ourselves and our self confidence. The song talks about being your own worst enemy and hopes to tackle the loneliness of an inner war, reminding us that we’re never alone.” Both born in small towns (Paeroa/Masterton), Holly and Andrew met at performing arts school in Auckland, finding a natural chemistry between Andrew’s production and Holly’s songwriting. The pair’s long-distance songwriting relationship often sees them trading tracks from one end of New Zealand to the other.

'I Do It To Myself' is the first track from Holly Untitled’s upcoming EP, set for release in July.

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