HAIM: Want You Back

Woah nelly, the first few lines of this track instantly sell it as a stadium banger.

In typical Haim style (which is vaguely reminiscent of 90s girl group Wilson Phillips, with a tasty dash of Fleetwood Mac), ‘Want You Back’ sets the tone for what’s expected to be a massive second album from the trio.

They’ve managed to fuse danceable four-on-the-floor kick drum with retro slap bass; and old school Americana harmonies with some Bieber-esque pitched vocal hooks. It’s a clever formula, meaning the sisters are staying true to their organic roots, while subtly shifting to a zone where pop radio can also embrace them.

Produced by hitmaker Ariel Rechtshaid who also worked on the group’s first album, ‘Want You Back’ is a song about regret and owning up to your relationship mistakes.

Their second album ‘Something To Tell You’ is due out in July, and if it’s all this good we’re in for a winner.

Listen to ‘Want You Back’ here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Is81BrMlqoLjeJ0ZPYdqW