Gungor Share New Song: ‘Who We Are’

Gungor have just released a new song, with a call to action for their listeners.

Their new track ‘Who We Are’ is dedicated to refugees around the world, and Gungor asks listeners to start caring more about those in need with the chilling line, “Will we be who we’ve always said we are?”

It’s a melancholy, brooding song with piano, french horns and softly layered vocal samples.

Gungor released the track online, explaining on Facebook, “Are we the kind of people who open our hearts to others in their suffering or the kind who get afraid and turn our hearts away? We think this is an important question for people to be asking themselves right now… Refugee Sunday is June 25th this year - we hope that some of us who still believe we can be who we’ve always said we are will rise up and link arms and speak love in a world so dominated by fear. We hope we can raise our voices together for those whose voices have been silenced.”

According to UN stats, 2016 had the highest recorded amounts of refugees in history, with an estimated 65 million people forced to flee their homes around the world.

Listen to ‘Who We Are’ below.