Guess Who's Back

A report released by Recorded Music New Zealand last week shows a bumper 2016 for the New Zealand music market. 

According to RMNZ, the New Zealand music industry has spent 15 years in decline, coming right in 2015, and experiencing it's second year of double digit growth in 2016 (16%).

While the main cause of the turnaround is being attributed to the rise of once-vilified streaming services like Spotify, the report also tips its hat to the resurgence of vinyl, with revenue from sales up to $2.5 million up from 2015's $1.6 million. Streaming is now responsible for 50% of all music revenue.

While some have been quick to point out that these stats don't clarify exactly how much of this revenue is from actual local artists (as opposed to international music enjoyed in NZ), the report still spells good news for music lovers and musicians alike - streaming is here to stay, evolution is crucial, and people still love to discover their new favourite tune.

Check out the infographic below.