Grayson Gilmour: ‘Hundred Waters’

Wellington composer and producer Grayson Gilmour has just released a new track called ‘Hundred Waters’.

Last time we saw Gilmour he was winning the APRA Silver Scroll for Best Original Music in a Feature Film, for scoring the TV film ‘Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story’.

‘Hundred Waters’ is a slightly more accessible tune. It’s a floating, atmospheric track that’s been released with a 360° music video. Directed by Parallel Teeth (who’s also created visuals for Ladi 6 and Randa), the video’s flickering shapes lull you into a trance.

Gilmour explains, “I’m a bit of a contradiction in the sense that I'm fascinated by technology that is old, analogy and clumsy, while at the same time being intrigued by all kinds of tech developments going on right now...I'd seen a small 360° clip that Rob (Parallel Teeth) had animated, and thought it'd be a great experiment for a music video -- a chance to engage with people in a new and different way.”

'Hundred Waters' is the first track off his upcoming record ‘Otherness’, which is due out soon via Flying Nun Records.

Watch the ‘Hundred Waters’ video here: