Grant Singer on Directing Lorde’s ‘Green Light’

Director Grant Singer has already had a pretty stellar career; he started out making music videos for indie-darlings DIIV and Sky Ferreira, and has gone on to make iconic videos for The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift.

His latest music video for Lorde’s comeback single ‘Green Light’ is a cinematic triumph. Shot on 16mm film, the video has a timeless and dreamy quality, and features one of the most energetic performances that we’ve seen from Lorde to date.

Singer recently explained to Pitchfork, “I see her dancing and her vocal performance as completely interconnected and they're like one, and she loses herself in the music. I feel like that’s really important to even the filmmaking itself. A lot of the compositions and the shots and her performance, it all feels like one thing. To me the video feels very natural. When we were making—you know, this is a cliché saying—but when the stars align, everything just felt really right. The best thing you can hope for when you make a music video is you want the performance to feel alive, and when I watch the video I feel like she looks and she is alive and I love that about it.”

He added, “We shot in an area of Los Angeles called MacArthur Park. It’s an area that's kind of like no man’s land between downtown and Koreatown. We didn’t want it to feel like LA or New York or somewhere specific; we wanted it to kind of feel like it could be anywhere.”

“I think this video benefitted from the fact that I got to know Lorde as a person and as an artist and as a friend, and when you’re directing it helps the communication and it helps being on the same page. So I think one of the strengths of the video probably comes from the fact that she and I got to know each other before shooting together. It wasn’t like we emailed twice or we texted three times and then I meet her for the first time on set. It wasn’t like that. I got to meet her as a person and that really helps when you’re making a music video. Because the familiarity helps, and honestly making this video was one of those times when even when we were shooting I just had a great feeling about it. I felt like we were making something really special. Everything just felt good. Everything just felt right.

Watch the ‘Green Light’ video below: