Gorillaz: ‘Hallelujah Money’

Gorillaz have just released the first song off their forthcoming album; an anti-Trump manifesto called ‘Hallelujah Money’.

Featuring soulful vocals from 2015 Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine, Gorillaz say the track is a “commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment”.

One chilling line says, “Don’t worry friend, if this be the end, then so shall it be.”

The track has a slightly more experimental vibe than early Gorillaz stuff, with a gritty vintage drum machine and a massive Gospel choir that floats in towards the end. The video also shows much less of those trademark cartoon Gorillaz characters (and we hear less of Damon Albarn’s voice) than we’ve come to expect.

We’re looking forward to hearing the rest of their new material, which’ll be out later in the year.

Check out the video for ‘Hallelujah Money’ below.