Gladius James: ‘Too Bad’

Gladius James (whose real name is James Wong) busied himself making beats in Auckland for a number of years, before shifting to LA to further his music career. The move paid off when he (alongside fellow-Kiwi Leroy Clampitt) ended up working on Justin Bieber’s smash hit ‘Company’.

Since then, he’s been in hot demand, penning tunes and producing for acts including Ty Dolla $ign, Demi Lovato and Sage the Gemini.

And now, the talented hit-maker is getting into the spotlight himself. Gladius has just released his debut single as an artist, and has announced that his new project is signed to Island Records in the US.

He’s got an EP coming out early next year, and if it’s anything like his first track ‘Too Bad’, it’ll be slick as.

The debut has that smooth pop sheen that you’d expect from the prolific producer, but the surprising part is how impressive his vocals are. He sounds like a seasoned, soulful crooner who’s making pop in a similar realm to Nick Jonas.

We’re super interested to see what he does next. Listen to ‘Too Bad’ here: