Ghostwriters Collective: ‘Slip On A Shadow’

Ghostwriters Collective is the brainchild of Wellington musician Nik Brinkman (who performs as Junica, and is one half of the new duo Physical).

Nik’s idea was to collaborate with a range of different musicians, and release 12 songs to show different musical ideas - anonymously, without any record label interventions.

He explained to Noisey, “It’s the perfect way to showcase new styles or ideas without having to start a new project. You can spend an afternoon or two with someone making a song and then move on.”

Each different co-write has a totally different flavour, and the collective released the last of the 12 tracks recently, which is called ‘Slip On A Shadow’.

We haven’t been able to track down who the vocalist is on this one, but it’s a haunting and brooding jam which sounds like Nirvana, meets The Naked And Famous, meets Nine Inch Nails.

And now that all 12 songs have been released, they’ve been packaged together for release on Spotify here.

Listen to ‘Slip On A Shadow’ here: