Get To Know Weyes Blood

After dropping her debut album ‘Front Row Seat To Earth’ last year, Weyes Blood (real name Natalie Merring) has quickly piqued the interest of listeners around the globe.

Pitchfork instantly named her record ‘Best New Music’ (rating it a lofty 8.3), and she then swiftly embarked on playing shows throughout Australia and NZ over summer.

‘Front Row Seat To Earth’ shows the Californian artist musing on love and heartbreak, and she sounds like a slightly alien fusion of Karen Carpenter meeting The Doors (if they were inspired by the Twin Peaks soundtrack). It’s definitely nostalgic, and has a super dreamy quality to it.

Blood has also released a collaborative EP with psych-rocker Ariel Pink, titled ‘Myths 002’ (also worth a listen, but definitely weird); and she knows how to rock a teal suit.

Check out ‘Front Row Seat To Earth’ here: