Get To Know Raiza Biza

Mention Kiwi hip hop, and Raiza Biza’s name is likely to pop up. The Rapper (who was originally born in Rwanda and moved around a few times with his family, before settling in Hamilton) has been putting out a steady stream of solid releases since 2013, and he’s only just getting started.

Biza recently told The Spinoff that he’s currently working on his third album, and that he’s “looking at a September release. Just going back and forth as far as collaborations go. This album is more sonically different than a lot of my other work. I’m working exclusively with Parisian producer Tito Fiasco on the entire project, which is the first time I’ve worked with just one producer for an album.”

He also said he’s a proud supporter of the Hamilton music scene, saying, “Hamilton is an interesting case study. It’s one of those places where you have to know at least one or two people. If you see the city unguided, there is not much here. But beneath the surface, there is a lot going on. A lot of great artists have come out of Hamilton, the likes of Katchafire, Kimbra, KVKA, The Datsuns, and many more. Considering how small Hamilton, it’s really an incubator for talent… Myself and AmmoNation are working on creating a more amalgamated scene out here that showcases how much talent is out here.”

Biza will be performing at an all ages show next month, with a bunch of artists including pop singer Theia and DIY producer Merk. It’s happening on August 18 at The Tuning Fork, and you can buy tickets here.

Listen to Raiza Biza’s latest single, ‘Lifestyle’, here.