Future Islands: 'Ran'

Baltimore synth-wave group Future Islands are renowned for making your heart melt, with their sweeping 80s-inspired tunes and gut wrenching vocals.

Their new tune ‘Ran’ is no exception.

Pitchfork aptly calls it, “an expression of pure hunger… against raw human emotion. Herring’s voice remains their greatest instrument, and he continues to milk it for every ounce of drama... Contemporary music doesn’t sound like this, and the world certainly doesn’t feel like this, yet Future Islands make this style of romance-swept new wave sound as alluring and empowering as ever.”

Well said. We’re fans, and are still hanging out to see them play live again (they played a cracker set at Laneway a couple of years ago). 

Have a listen to the beauty (and sheer feeling) of 'Ran' here: